Updating your contact details

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You can update your contact details online, by email, or by calling 0800 LOSTPET during office hours.

Update Online

If you are the primary contact person listed on our database, and your email address is registered with us, you can update contact details online anytime. You can change any contact information, plus your pet's name, its desex status, and local authority.


Update by calling our 0800 number

If you can not update online you can contact the NZCAR team by email, or by phone. Updates are only completed during office hours (Monday to Friday 08:30am - 5pm excluding holidays) unless it is an emergency and your pet has gone missing.

If your email address has changed, please contact us to update this for you so you can continue to access your pets details online.

Animal Deceased Notification

If your beloved pet has passed away please call us on 0800 LOSTPET (567873), or email us, quoting the microchip number, your name and your pet's name and we will update our records.