NZCAR Disclaimer of Liability

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The New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR) is intended to facilitate the recovery of lost animals by assisting those who find or recover lost animals to collect contact information for the animal and initiate the return of the animal to the proper owner.

The NZCAR is an information service only and makes no claim to any other function other than the storage and provision of the details supplied at the time of registration.

The animal contact shall be the sole party responsible for ensuring that information stored in the NZCAR is current and accurate. It is the contact’s responsibility to notify the NZCAR of changes to these details.

The animal contact shall acknowledge and agree that registration with the NZCAR is not a guarantee that the animal will be returned, nor does it guarantee or make any warranty on the condition of the animal at the time of recovery.

The NZCAR disclaim any responsibility for the costs incurred in the recovery of an animal and the animal contact shall assume total responsiblity for arranging for the return of the lost animal and any costs incurred.

Animal Register Limited, as managers of the database, and the New Zealand Companion Animal Council, as owners of the database, expressly disclaim any liability for inaccurate or negligent use of the information stored in the database by any third party, including but not limited to, any authorised party to whom approval to retrieve owner details has been supplied.

The NZCAR shall protect the stored information with regard to all applicable laws of the New Zealand Government, however it expressly disclaims any misuse of this information by third parties, either authorised users, employees or non-authorised users, if it has been obtained either by illegal means or for illegal purposes.

Animal Register Limited as managers of the NZCAR assume all responsibility for the NZCAR and waive any liability for the operation and use of the NZCAR from the New Zealand Companion Animal Council as owners of the NZCAR.