NZCAR Privacy Policy

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Animal Register Limited is committed to protecting your privacy.


The information provided to Animal Register Limited contains personally identifiable information that you share with us for the sole purpose of repatriating your animal when it is lost. Your data is stored so NZCAR approved agents can contact you when your pet is located. Our policy states your data is NOT to be given to any third party, including anyone finding your lost pet, without your prior consent. An NZCAR agent must make contact with you first and then put you in touch with the finder.

if you feel this policy has been breached or if you have any questions on this process, please email and we will investigate the matter on your behalf.

Any NZCAR agent who is found to have breached our privacy rules shall be blocked from accessing the site until they can show they have procedures in place to stop this reoccuring. Any case of multiple breaches will be grounds for cancelling the agents NZCAR status and refusing them all future access to the database.

Our policy is that we recognise the privacy of our clients and undertake to comply with the laws of New Zealand in regard to the protection and use of your details. In particular when using our web site your information is protected by the Privacy Act 1993 and the four public register privacy principles which limit:

  • the manner in which information can be made available from public registers;
  • re-sorting or combining public register information for commercial gain;
  • electronic transmission of public registers;
  • charging for access to public register information.


Animal Register Limited will not sell, share or give away your personally identifiable information to any other party. NO information will be used for solicitation by third parties without specific approval.

The only exceptions to this policy are:

  • That non-personal information may be used for statistical analysis of animal loss and recovery patterns throughout New Zealand.
  • In the event information is requested by law enforcement in the completion of a valid investigation and with the proper legal requests.
  • We may contact registered users with advise on any change in our services and policies. Users has the right to unsubsrible at any time.

Animal Register Limited is commited to keeping your information accurate. Contact will be made annually to allow you to log in and verify or amend the details stored. Access to your personal records for verification is available without charge.


For security reasons this website makes use of audit logs and may record user visits by login name, ip address, time of activity, page views and/or database record searches. This information is only used to ensure that the system is working correctly and that no misuse of the database is occuring. No attempt will be made to identify the user except in the very unlikely event that an investigation is necessary where there has been misuse of the database or where a duplicate microchip records have been submitted.

Animal Register Limited will not collect information from users by any method, other than that required for the task. This site may make use of cookies, but such use will not store, collect or later retrieve any information from a users computer that is not related to the information provided for the Companion Animal Register. All Cookies will be session based and only relate to the session you have logged in to complete the registration process. Cookies’ are small pieces of text data that a web server can store on, and later retrieve from, a user’s computer.


If you have comments or questions regarding our privacy policy, please email: