FAQ for Implanters

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Frequently Asked Questions
Information for Vet's, SPCA's, shelters, and other approved implanters

How can I register to use the NZCAR?

Simply email [email protected] and ask for our application form to be emailed to you. You can apply for either enquiry status or implanter status. Enquiry status is for organisations who simply need to access details to contact owners, while Implanter status is for organisations who actually microchip animals and wish to register them onto the NZCAR and/or purchase NZCAR microchips. The NZCAR does not accept applications for Implanter status from any individual or organisation unless they can they are 1. a veterinary clinic or a qualified veterinarian, 2. A diploma qualified veterinary nurse, 3. An implanter who has completed a recognised microchipping course, or 4. An organisation who uses an implanter that meets the above criteria. If you don’t meet these criteria, but would like to learn how to qualify, please email [email protected].

How much does it cost to register?

A standard registration has an RRP of $15 inclusive of GST. Commercial implanters are charged $12.50 each at the end of the month for any registrations added. The $2.50 is to help cover the admin cost involved. Most commercial implanters also charge owners an additional processing fee and this can vary around the country from $10 to $60. High volume non-profit organisations are charged $10 per registration. There is no commission on this fee. You can see all the NZCAR costs on our charges page by clicking here.

Registering, Searching or Updating microchip records

Registration of a new microchip can be completed online by the implanter. Or it can be emailed, posted or faxed to the NZCAR who will enter it for you. There is no additional fee for the NZCAR to enter the record. At the end of each month implanters receive a list of chips they have registered with their invoice and it is very important that this is checked if you have faxed or posted the record to ensure it has been entered.

Can I change the primary contact on the NZCAR

Any agent with implanter status can change the details on the NZCAR. HOWEVER the Primary Contact can only be changed if the listed person has given consent BEFORE the change is made. Any NZCAR agent found to have altered the primary contact for an animal without consent of the existing primary contact will have all access for their organisation suspended while the matter is investigated. The integrity of the NZCAR rests on an owners knowledge that their pets record can not be transferred to a new owner without permission being given. As part of our security the NZCAR tracks every single change made, as well as recording the User ID, the IP address and the date and time of every change. The only exception to this rule is where an animal has been legally rehomed by an SPCA or Council.

How do I get a free scanner from the NZCAR?

The NZCAR sells HALO scanners for $125 + GST. The Halo scanner is equipped with the Scanner Angel technology that updates the scanner with the list of chip numbers reported missing on the NZCAR each time it is plugged in. We have also given away over 650 custom NZCAR scanners to organisations involved in getting lost pets home, regardless of whether they are an NZCAR user or not. This Scanner give-away campaign has finished, but we are hoping to repeat this offer in the future.

Is the service really operational 24/7?

The NZCAR website is available 24/7, and with your login details you can access our database at any time. Your access level will determine whether you can update and register microchip details, or just search our database. Our 0508 LOSTPET (567873) service is also available 24/7. During office hours you can either call or email us to update contact details, and ask any other questions your clients may raise. For urgent lost pet reporting this service is available 8am to midnight, 7 days, and from midnight to 8am a call back service is available.

I need to order some more microchip registration forms, or microchips

If you require registration forms, promotional flyers, microchips, microchips scanners, or any other supplies, just call or email us with your order.

What are the benefits of using the NZCAR

There are many benefits to using the NZCAR, with the most important one being that any pet that is microchipped and registered is more likely to get home than one that is not. To view the benefits for pet owners click here. To view the benefits of the NZCAR for Vets, SPCA's and Implanters click here.

Can you record 2 microchip numbers for the same pet?

Yes. If both microchips scan, just advise us of the microchip numbers and we can ensure both are linked to the same animal record and are searchable, in our database. If you are rechipping because the original microchip has failed see the page on what to do in these circumstances.

What are your terms and conditions?

Copies of our terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer are available on this web site. We encourage you to read these and email any questions.

What do I do if we have to re-implant an animal due to the first microchip not scanning?

Please click here to visit our page dedicated to replacing faulty chips.

What animals can I register with the New Zealand Companion Animal Register?

The NZCAR will accept registration for any companion animal. If it is a pet and microchipped then we welcome it being listed. So far our listing includes Birds, Reptiles, Cows, Pigs, Goats, Horses, Donkeys, Fish, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises as well as Cats and Dogs.

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