NZCAR Charges

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The New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR) has a number of services for which there are charges. These include:

$15.00 Standard cost of NZCAR registration through a vet or commercial implanter. This is a one-off fee for the life of the animal. (Please note implanters may add an admin fee or other charge for this service)

$15.00 Online registration cost for pets already microchipped. An online registration is treated as an unverified registration as there is not an opportunity to scan the microchip and see if it is the correct number and if it is functioning properly. We strongly encourage all those wishing to register a pet that is not missing to use one of our certified implanters so that the microchip can be verified BEFORE registering.
$5.00 Replacement Microchip Registration fee - this charge is for when a chip has failed and the new chip needs adding to the record, and is charged to the implanter.
FREE Update fee - There is no charge to update the contact details on your pet. You can call 0508 lost pet during office hours or you can do it online 24/7. We strongly recommend including your email address in your records so you can also update your record online.
POA Bulk data entry rates for 1000 animals or more, emergency campaign rates, and charity rates may be applied for. Please contact the Animal Register team to discuss, as special terms and conditions will apply.

................ NZCAR SCANNERS
$125.00 Halo Scanner. This quality RFID scanner has been made avialable at a special low cost rate through the support of The Pet Accessory Workshop in Guernsey. They have agreed to supply the HALO readers at a special low price, if the NZCAR agrees to pass them on at cost as well.
$245.00 RT10: Realtrace Pocket Scanner, with carry pouch

POA  Microchips are only available to approved NZCAR implanters. We do NOT offer our microchip products to the general public.

Please call to discuss any costs, or to ask about bulk discounts and charitable applications.

Funding for NZCAR services may be available to charities through the NZCAC website, click here for more details.