Recommended Implanting Instructions

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When establishing the NZCAR our stakeholders were determined that the welfare of the animal was of paramount concern. It was with this desire that they researched the best method for microchipping an animal and created the following recommended process.

The NZCAR does not accept registrations from any implanter without proper training. Likewise any approved implanter who fails to meet required standard may also be denied access to the register.

Our recommended chipping process is:

  1. Scan animal first for an existing microchip.
  2. Scan microchip to be inserted to verify number with barcode number.
  3. Use ISO standard microchips only.
  4. Implant Cat/Dog between the shoulder blades and mid-dorsum.
  5. Scan to verify that the microchip is in the correct place on the animal.
  6. Attach barcode to the NZCAR application form.
  7. Fully complete NZCAR Application Form, double checking phone numbers and email address
  8. Photocopy completed form.
  9. Give the Photocopy to the Owner and retain the original for your records.
  10. Either enter into NZCAR Online yourself (within 24 hours) OR fax the form to CANZ at 04 918 3407 (within 24 hours).

If you require a hard copy of this process, these instructions are printed on the cover of every pad of NZCAR registration forms. You can also click here to download a PDF version for printing.