New Emergency Pet Care Packs

At the NZCAR we like to make owners aware of any new products that can help our pets.

One of the latest new products to hit the market is the Pet Connection's Emergency Pet Care Pack.

This kit includes:

  • a removable decal for your front door that records the type and number of pets that live with you.
  • two wallet cards which you can add your emergency contact details on in case of an accident.
  • two key tags to pop on a key ring so emergency services know to check your wallet for contact details.

The idea is if you are involved in an accident then people are made aware your pets may be alone and need help. Likewise in an emergency authorities can quickly identify what pets are on the property and may need assistance, even if you are not there.

The kits retail for $14 and will be available online and through approved stockists. A portion of every sale is to be donated to animal welfare organisations that reunites people with their pets.

The packs have been created by the Pet Connection, a dedicated online pet directory for New Zealand pet owners - Pet Connection has been created by Vicky Wallis who wanted to create a directory that offers both free and paid listings.

For more details on the packs contact the Pet Connection through their website. The NZCAR also has these packs for sale and they can be ordered by calling 0800 LOSTPET (567873).

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