NZCAR COVID-19 Action Plan Implemented

Wednesday, 25 March 2020 - UPDATED
To All NZCAR Clients and Customers

Ensuring Lost Pets Get Home Quickly is an Essential Service

Now that Level 4 has been announced the team at the NZCAR have implemented our Covid-19 Action Plan. As we prepare for the next four weeks, and possibly beyond, we want all pet owners to know we will remain available and operating as an ‘Essential Service’ during the lock down period.

While we anticipate there will be less new pets being registered, OUR PRIMARY GOAL IS TO ENSURE THAT OUR LOST PET AND REPATRIATION SERVICES ARE NOT AFFECTED in any way. The 0800 number will be manned as normal, and updates completed by staff working from multiple remote locations, as well as our main office.

We will continue to support all our agents, especially vet clinics and the SPCA by providing any services and information needed. We will also be supporting all pet owners with lost and found pet advice and lost pet registrations.

The main office will be closed to the public from today, 24 March 2020. For this reason we do expect delays on some deliveries, but we can still accept registrations and chip orders at any time. If you have any questions regarding our services, please email

May you and your families keep well and remain safe.

The NZCAR Team