Benefits of the NZCAR

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Microchipping AND registration make a huge difference to the likelihood your missing pet will make it home.

In February 2011, the NZCAR assisted SPCA Canterbury by providing an 0800 lost pet service for all animals that were found following the earthquake. In the following 12 weeks the NZCAR handled over 24,000 phone calls and faxes and placed over 800 lost pet notices. Of the non-chipped pets we managed to get 25% of animals home within 3 days. For microchipped animals we managed to get over 85% home in an average of 3 hours!

A summary of the NZCAR features include:

  • The NZCAR database is accessible 24/7 by over 850 agents, including veterinary clinics, SPCA’s, local authorities, pet shops, shelters, rescues and other animal welfare agencies in New Zealand. If your pet is found and taken to one of these agencies, they can scan it for a microchip, search the NZCAR database and quickly find your details and contact you.
  • A microchipped AND registered pet gets home more quickly and more often than non-chipped pets.
  • The $15 registration fee is a one-off charge for the life of the animal - there are no annual costs or worse - additional fees when your pet is lost. Over 850,000 animals are registered on the NZCAR.
  • Once you have registered your pet, all our repatriation services are free.
  • The NZCAR also offers a range of free tools including
  • The NZCAR works with Neighbourly to ensure missing pets are also notified to their members in your area.
  • The NZCAR can record the details of any microchipped companion animal – cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, reptiles, birds, fish – to name a few species.

The stakeholders of the NZCAR are the leading animal charities in New Zealand – SPCA, NZVA, NZKC, NZCF, CANZ.

Profits from the registration fees go into a Trust that is used to further animal welfare in New Zealand.