Earthquake Advice for Pets


An earthquake can be just as scary for your pet as it is for you!

Here are some helpful tips for helping your pets to cope with an earthquake.

  1. Keep your pets secure and confined until the tremors have declined.
  2. If you pet has been out and come back, don’t let them out again.
  3. Don’t give your pet negative reinforcement by over-reacting to their fear. Give them positive encouragement that all is ok and behave as normal as possible around them.
  4. If your pet has gone missing you can post a free notice on
  5. For microchipped pets you can make sure your contact details are up to date on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register.
  6. Emergency registrations for missing microchipped pets not already on the NZCAR can be completed using the link on the front page of our website, or by clicking here.

To update or check your contact details on the NZCAR, you can do this online 24/7 if your email address is current. Or you can call 0508 lostpet (567873) between 8.30am and 5.00pm.

Lost pets can also be reported at any time using our emergency after hours helpline.

If your pet is missing visit our page on helpful lost pet advice, click here.

From our facebook page, a person has also suggested the very useful advice suggesting to have a pet emergency kit (food/water/familiar blanket) ready should you need to leave in a hurry.