How to register your pet

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The NZCAR has over 850 organisations registered to access our system, we also have over 850,000 NZ pets registered. The New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR) is the largest New Zealand based database for microchipped companion animals. Every day the NZCAR is helping lost pets get home.

Would you like to register your pet onto New Zealand’s leading lost and found database for microchipped animals?

You can register by any of the following methods:


The easiest way to register is through your local vet. Give your preferred vet a call and if you are a client they may be able to do it over the phone. The  advantage to registering at your vets is they can also double check your pets microchip to ensure it is working properly at the same time.

Call your vet for more details and pricing.


Your local SPCA may also be able to offer microchipping and registration. Many SPCA’s offer free or discounted microchipping and registration days for all sorts of pets. Call your SPCA to see if they have any events happening soon.


You can register your pet using our online registration system. The fee is $15 and is GST inclusive. For non-emergency registrations we strongly recommend using your local vet or SPCA to register your pet as this allows the microchip to be scanned and the number verified. It also tests that the microchip is functioning properly.

Click here to register your pet online.

Does microchipping work?

During the February 2011 Christchurch quake the NZCAR worked with the SPCA to get lost pets home. During the 12 weeks we handled over 25,000 phone calls and faxes and advertised over 800 lost pets. Of the non-chipped pets we managed to get 25% home within 3 days of being found. We managed to get 85% of microchipped pets home within 3 hours of being found.

For more information, please call 0508 LOSTPET (567873)