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Purchase Microchips or Scanners

The New Zealand Companion Animal Register is well-known for providing an essential 24-hour pet recovery service. We are dedicated to reuniting companion animals with their guardians as quickly and easily as possible.

We provide a full-service

  • Microchip registration (life-time)
  • Lifetime pet admin and advice
  • Microchip sales
  • Scanner sales

We are committed to distributing quality products to ensure successful outcomes.

Email orders to [email protected]

Halo Scanners

NZCAR branded Halo scanners are available 
Sends notifications to your clinic if you scan a pet who is marked as missing.


Microchip Scanner

NEW Global-ident Connect XS1.4 Minichip

We are now stocking and dispatching the NEW Global-ident Connect XS1.4 Minichip. We've sourced leading microchip
technology so you can offer your clients peace of mind, because we know that the result of a quality microchip is animals being safely reunited.

The Global-ident Connect XS1.4

  • Super small 1.4mm x 8.0 mm microchip encapsulated in asoda lime-silicate glass (BIO8265) compatible for implant devices which allows for a smaller gauge and sharper needle (33% smaller than standard 2.1mm x 12.5mm microchips)
  • Excellent long-term microchip reliability
  • RFID FDX-B (Full Duplex) passive transponder operating frequency at 134.20 kHz - ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 compliant
  • A single-use injector in a blister pack with 8 barcodes
  • Ergonomic injector
  • A sharp lubricated Luer-Lock needle (12 gauge)
  • Packaging perfectly adapted for terminally sterilised medical devices, and compliant with the ISO 11607-1 standard
  • A sterilisation process using Ethylene oxide, widely recognised at the European level for sterilising Human & Veterinary medical devices, compliant with the ISO 11135-1 standard

$50 for a box of 10.
Order 2 or more boxes for free freight.


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