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LostPet is here!

Two of NZ's most powerful lost and found pet services ( and the NZ Companion Animal Register) have merged to get more lost animals home even faster! 

For more information on the LostPet service, click here

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New Zealand's microchip database for pets

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Why register your pet on the New Zealand Companion Animal register?

Pets may go missing for a number of reasons - spooked by fireworks, a natural disaster or just bolting out an open gate. 

Registration means that as soon as an animal's microchip is scanned by one of our approved agents they can contact you and arrange their safe return.

The $15 registration fee is a one-off charge for the life of the animal, and the profits are used to promote animal welfare causes in New Zealand.

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Updating your details

It's really important to keep your details up to date so that if your pet is found, our agents can contact you quickly.

Your account dashboard allows you to:

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  • Mark your pet as lost
  • Re-home your pet
  • Add a photo, and notes about your pet

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