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Help centre for guardians (pet owners)

On April 7th 2021, we launched a new look register. Included in the updates to the register was a change to the login process. 

Instead of needing to login using your pet’s microchip numbers, you’ll be able to login using an email and password combination. Even better, if you have multiple pets registered with us, you’ll see that they’ve been linked to a single account (email address), so you can manage all of your pets from one account dashboard.


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About microchipping

Creating an account | Logging in

Updating your details

Adoptions and re-homing your pet


If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us

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How to create an account and register your pet

See our instructional video on how to create an account and register your pet See how
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How to rehome your pet

See our instructional video on how to rehome your pet to a new owner (guardian) See how
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How to mark your pet as lost

See our instructional video on how to mark your pet as lost See how

About Microchipping

If your pet is not microchipped, getting one implanted is quick, easy and affordable. Give your local vet clinic a call and ask them about booking an appointment or adding the procedure to an existing appointment. You could also reach out to a mobile vet/nurse in your area that may provide this service in your home. 

Key notes of microchipping

  • Microchipping helps protect your pet and supports you as a pet owner.
  • Microchips are reliable, unlike collars, which can come off.
  • Microchipping makes it easy for vets, animal shelters and councils to identify your pet if they become lost or separated from you.
  • Microchipping is recommended as best practice by the Ministry for Primary Industries in their Companion Cats - Code of Welfare 2007.
  • Microchipping is required, by law, for dogs by the age of 3 months.

 ... and remember

We like to refer to our animal friends as companions rather than pets. We want to recognise them as the sentient beings that they are. Attentive, perceptive, responsive, sensitive, understanding and watchful. Companion animals include not only cats and dogs, but rabbits, horses, birds, guinea pigs, and many others - even fish! If you consider your animal a companion (or a pet!), you can have it microchipped and registered with us.

A microchip is a small device about the size of a grain of rice. The microchip holds a unique number that can be scanned by a reader, or microchip scanner. This microchip number must be registered to a database to be associated with your details (the microchip itself ONLY holds a unique number).


Placing a microchip is a common procedure. The microchip is implanted under the scruff or the skin of the neck. It is important that your animal is microchipped by a vet or trained professional to ensure the microchip is located and implanted properly and to minimise the risk of infections or microchip migration.

Creating an account | Logging in

You should have received an automated email at the time of registration confirming your pet had been registered and asking you to complete your account. If you missed this email and are unable to sign-in into your account now, you can easily set your account up by doing the following:

 Head over to the NZCAR website, sign-in page here

  • Scroll down and select ‘I’ve lost my password’
  • Enter your email address and click ‘send reset link’
  • Once this email has been received, follow the link in the email and set a new password for your account
  • From there you will be able to access your account when needed to update/change your details or the details or any animals registered to you

If you didn't receive an email or have any questions please contact our support team.

NB: Passwords must be at least 10 characters and include at least 3 of the following:

  • Uppercase characters
  • Lowercase characters
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation

You cannot use a password that has been used previously. The NZCAR is home to a significant amount of personal data and these rules are the most recent good-practice recommendations for ensuring good security.

The guardian for a pet should be the best person to contact, should the companion animal be found. This person is able to log in (via their email address) and make changes to their account, as they see fit. They are also able to make changes to those animals registered to their account - including updating pet names, adding colour descriptions, adding photos; marking the animal as lost or marking the animal as deceased.

A secondary contact is important in case the companion animal is found, but the guardian cannot be contacted. The secondary contact is not able to request changes to the account. Only the (primary) guardian is able to give consent for changes.

You can find more information about use of your personal information in our Privacy Policy found here.

The easiest way to create your account is using our microchip checker.

Enter your pet's microchip number, and if they are registered, you'll receive the below prompt:

Clicking "send verification email" will send an email to the address loaded as the pet's primary contact (If you don’t receive an email, Contact us quoting your pets microchip number and our support team will resolve this for you).

The email will contain a link directing you to create a password. Once you have set a password, you'll be logged into your account and asked to confirm/update your contact details.

Once your contact details are saved, you'll be taken to your dashboard. All of your registered pets should be displayed here. If one of your animals is not displayed, Contact us quoting their microchip number and our support team will resolve this for you.

Take me to the microchip checker


Depending on where your animal was chipped, the following places may have a record of your pets microchip number:

  • Their vaccination booklet (vet book)
  • Their adoption paperwork

If you are not able to locate the microchip number, your vet clinic may have this on their system, or alternatively, you can take your pet to be scanned at most vet clinics (they will normally not charge for this, but please do call them first).

This may have happened because your pet was associated with a different email address, or didn’t have an email address entered against them.

Contact us quoting your pet’s microchip number and your name, and contact details, and we can search our database for your pet. Provided that you are the primary contact for that pet, we can transfer them to your account automatically.

Firstly, check your spam/junk folder, it could be that the email is in there. If not, your email address isn’t associated with an account. Please contact us, with your pet’s microchip number/s at hand and the support team will resolve this for you.

Updating your details

Sign into your account here, then from your ‘My Pets’ tab select ‘Register your pet’. Complete the required details and confirm.

Please note, all new microchip registrations come with a one-off fee for the life of your pet, payment is taken at the end of the registration process. Once the microchip has been registered, you can make any updates to the registered details by clicking on your pet from the ‘My Pets’ tab.

Here is a quick video about how to register your pet.

Head over to the NZCAR website sign in page by clicking here, then select ‘Create account’. Once you have created and are signed into your account, from your ‘My Pets’ tab select ‘Register your pet’. Complete the required details and confirm.

Please note, all new microchip registrations come with a one-off fee for the life of your pet, payment is taken at the end of the registration process. Once the microchip has been registered, you can make any updates to the registered details by clicking on your pet (from the ‘My Pets’ tab).

Here is a quick video about how to create an account, then register your pet.

Any time that yours or your secondary contacts contact information changes, you should login and update your account.

Keeping your information up to date means that if your pet ever goes missing, as soon as they are scanned by one of our approved agents, you will be contacted to arrange your pet to be returned home.

Login to your account

If your pet goes missing, from your account dashboard, you can update the status of your pet to Lost. If your pet is then found and scanned, the authorised agent will immediately be aware that your pet has been flagged as missing.

Login to your account

Yes, you absolutely can. On your dashboard, you will see a small camera icon on each pet profile, click that to begin the upload process, or watch a short video showing you how to do that.

Notes about your animal can be added in the second section - feel free to enter notes about their diet, and note any behaviour or medical issues. If your pet is ever missing, this can be really helpful for a vet or other approved agent.

Login to my account

To avoid receiving reminders and updates regarding your beloved pet, you are able to login and edit their record. A button near the bottom allows you to mark them as deceased. You will no longer be able to see their record once that action is confirmed.

Login to your account

I've searched my pets microchip number and..

Please contact our support team with your pets microchip number at hand. They can take a look at the current registration details and if the animal is registered to, they can make updates as needed. If the animal is registered to another guardian, our support team can advise how best to proceed.

If your pet has been recently microchipped, its possible the implanter has completed your pets registration for you. Simply log into your account (instructions here) and review your details as well as the details for your pets on your account.


Adoptions and re-homing your pet

To transfer an animal to their new guardian is simple, you will just need to follow the below steps:  

  1. Sign-in to your account here
  2. Click on the animal you wish to transfer
  3. At the top right, click the “rehome pet” button
  4. Enter in the new guardian’s details. Note: You will need their email address.
  5. The new guardian will be sent a link via email that they must click within a few days, or the transfer will expire and the animal will not be transferred. Let them know to expect this email and that they must log in to complete the remainder of their account details.

Here is a quick video about rehoming your pet.

It’s possible the pet is still registered to the rescue. A lot of rescues will complete their own transfers to new guardians so it would be best to follow up with them in the first instance. If you don’t have any luck from there, contact our support team. They will still need to gain consent from the rescue to transfer the animal but can resolve this for you.