About the NZCAR

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New Zealand Companion Animal Register

As microchipping had become more common place (and in the case of dogs a legal requirement), Companion Animals New Zealand (CANZ) recognised there was a need for a suitable New Zealand based microchipped animal repatriation system. Previously New Zealand pets were registered onto Australian databases, with any profits helping fund Australian charities or private businesses.

With this in mind in 2007 the six key members of CANZ, themselves each leading companion animal organisations, funded the creation of a dedicated New Zealand database for New Zealand microchipped pets. These six organisations would also become the stakeholders of the New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR) to oversee its progress in the future, and to manage any funds raised. The six stakeholders are:

  • Companion Animals NZ (CANZ)
  • New Zealand Veterinary Association Inc. (NZVA)
  • The Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Inc (SPCA)
  • NZVA Companion Animal Society (NZVA CAS)
  • New Zealand Kennel Club (NZKC)
  • New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc. (NZCF)

Once the NZCAR was up and running and generating revenue, the stakeholders also established the New Zealand Companion Animal Trust. This dedicated trust, with one representive from each stakeholder, meets regularly to consider funding requests and to oversee the management of the trust fund. This process ensures profits are used to benefit all New Zealand charities and projects. The trust fund is managed on a day to day basis by New Zealand Guardian Trust.

All payments from the NZCAR go to the CANZ, a registered charity, in the first instance, and CANZ regularly transfer accumulated funds to the Trust.

For more information on Companion Animals NZ or to find out about making an application for funding from the NZ Companion Animal Trust, visit the CANZ website.

For more information, visit www.companionanimals.nz