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Found Pet Advice

Have you found a pet or have an animal hanging around your property?

Check the below tips for advice on how to help them get home.

This is often the best option when you find an animal.

Taking them to the vet or an SPCA means that:

  • They can be scanned for a microchip, and if registered, their owner contacted immediately
  • They can receive medical treatment if they are injured or sick
  • The vet or SPCA are often also in a position to provide care and shelter for the animal if their owner is not immediately found is a free to use lost and found pet website.

You can also review the Lost pet listings in case someone has already listed their pet as lost.

Create Listing

There are other NZ missing pet websites and Facebook groups too, as well as community groups specific to your area where you can create a listing for the found pet.

Be sure to regularly check lost pet websites and Facebook groups, as the person who owns the animal may not see your listing.

Well loved cats may still wander around, to confirm whether it is a stray cat or an adventurer, you can put a paper collar around its neck and see if anyone responds.

In conjunction with the Wellington SPCA, we've created this downloadable template for a collar which you can use.

Cat collar template with instructions