Lost Pet Advice

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Is your pet missing right now?

Realising your pet is missing is a real shock. Panic sets in and there are many questions ...

What can I do?
Where should I go? 

Who can I talk to?
Where do I start?

Remember the best thing to do if your pet goes missing is to stay calm.

We suggest the following steps.

  1. Report your pet missing to the NZCAR and check your contact details are up to date. The NZCAR can also activate the Scanner Angel tag when you make touch, or you can do this online yourself through this website.
  2. Place an ad on LostPet.co.nz. New Zealand's leading lost and found website and a FREE tool provided by the NZCAR. Remember to also regulary check the found notices too.
  3. Another very cool feature of LostPet.co.nz is that your new listing is also automatically notified to Neighbourly users in your area too.
  4. Try and establish how and when your pet went missing. Put out water and food in your garden in case he/she comes back on his or her own.
  5. Search locally first and check with neighbours. Make sure your pet isn’t in someone’s garden or house. Ask neighbours to check garages and sheds in case the animal is locked in.
  6. Make sure everyone in your area knows about your missing pet.
    • Ring your local Radio station with details. Many stations offer a free lost and found animal segment each day.
    • Ask your local community newspaper do they have a free ad for lost pets.
    • Notify your local SPCA and vets (use our location tool by clicking here). Also for dogs your Council Dog Control Officers in case they are handed in or collected.
    • Produce a poster describing your pet in as much detail as possible
(breed, size, colour, and any distinguishing features), including a photograph. State when and where lost. Give contact details (day and evening). A free poster generator is available on this site.
    • Distribute the leaflets to shops, vets, rescue centres, kennels, catteries, pubs, milkmen, postmen, farmers, neighbours. Pin on local notice boards.
  7. Register your pet for Facial Recognition. This new service by the NZCAR allows members of the public to snap a photo of a found pet and upload it. It can also work with Facebook pages to check listings and compare to pets reported as missing or found. Click here for more information.

If you follow these steps you stand a good chance of finding your missing pet. It may take time. You may need to repeat some of them. But whatever you do, don’t give up on your pet. He or she will never give up on you.

Once you have your pet back home again, please remember to:

  • Notify everyone who was helping you look for your pet, and take down all the leaflets.
  • Make sure your pet has a disc on his/her collar with your name, current address and phone number.
  • Arrange for your dog or cat to be microchipped if they haven’t already been.
  • Repair any broken fences or gates, in case this was how they escaped.
  • Be careful in future about closing doors, gates and cage doors.
  • Make sure you have a good photograph of your pet for identification purposes.
  • Do keep your cat indoors for a suitable period if you have recently acquired them or moved house.

The LostPet.co.nz lost and found service is a nationwide service for lost and found pets. Provided by the NZCAR it offers a series of free tools and services. Our goal is one free site where every lost and found animal can be listed.