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EnquirerPlus accounts are great for:

  • Rescues and breeders who have their animals microchips implanted by a vet (or other qualified implanter)
  • Rescues who have animals surrendered to them, or have rehomed animals returned to them (should the animal not be a good fit etc)
  • Breeders (and rescues) who register litters (or multiple animals) at a time and would like to receive a monthly invoice 

To be a NZCAR EnquirerPlus user, you will need to own a microchip scanner in order to scan and find an animals microchip number. You can find more about purchasing microchip scanners here.

If you think an EnquirerPlus account would help you to facilitate the return of lost animals to their proper guardian, please complete our EnquirerPlus Application Form and forward it through to [email protected].