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Frequently Asked Questions for Owners
Or just call us on 0508 LOSTPET to ask us directly.

What does it cost to Register my pet?

There is a one-off registration fee of $15 (RRP), inclusive of GST. This fee is for the life of the animal. This is paid to your vet at time of implantation/verification along with the cost of the microchip, the cost of the implant and /or the administration fees charged by your vet, spca or implanter. The total cost may vary so ask your vet or implanter for more information and pricing.

My pet is already microchipped, can I still enter my pet in the NZ Companion Animal Register?

Absolutely! Either visit your vet and ask them to complete the NZ Companion Animal Register Application Form on your behalf, or call Companion Animals NZ on 0508 LOST PET (567873), during office hours, and we can explain the process of registration. You will be required to provide proof of ownership and proof of microchip BEFORE your records will be entered.

My dog is already microchipped and is registered with my local council. Do I still need to register on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register?

Yes you do. The National Database that local councils (Territorial Authorities) use was intended for dog control purposes and was never designed for the retrieval of lost pets. The New Zealand Companion Animal Register is designed specifically to make the recovery of lost pets easier by ensuring that anyone can quickly check to see that your microchip number is on the database and important agencies involved with lost and or injured pets can access the database quickly and efficiently to search for that animal's owners and carers. Importantly, the register has been established by organisations deeply interested in Animal Welfare. Funds received from your registration fee will be used and reinvested in projects to help animals particularly in the area of animal welfare.

What are microchips?

Microchips are a small device about the size of a grain of rice. The microchip is implanted in the soft scruff of the neck. The microchip has a unique number that can be read by a special reader, similar to a barcode reader. This number is stored in our register with your contact details. The microchip does not include a GPS (Global Positioning System).

Does the process hurt?

Placing a microchip is a common procedure and safe for your animal. We strongly recommend that your animal is microchipped by a Vet or someone experienced in the procedure to ensure the microchip is implanted correctly.

What are your hours of operation?

Our web site is available 24/7 and this allows authorised agents to search and recover owner details at any time, as well as allowing owners to update details online at any time. We also have our 0508 LOST PET (567873) support number which is manned 8.30am until 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Messages can be left on the 0508 number outside of these hours. You can also email Companion Animals NZ at [email protected] and you will receive a reply within 1 working day.

What will it cost to recover my pet when it is lost?

There is no charge for the release of details in the New Zealand Companion Animal Register. All such use is covered by the initial registration fee.

What are your terms and conditions?

Copies of our terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer are available on this web site. We encourage you to read these and email any questions.

How can I update my contact details?

If your email details are on your registration then you can request online access to your records to allow you to update them for no charge. Just go to UPDATING YOUR CONTACT DETAILS, and follow the instructions. Alternatively you can contact Companion Animals NZ during normal office hours and arrange to update your details manually.

If my dog is in the New Zealand Companion Animal Register, do I need to register my dog with my local council?

Definitely. Dog registration with your local council is a legal requirement and different to our animal repatriation database.

Where can I get my animal microchipped?

Microchipping can be done by any Vet, Vet Clinic, SPCA as well as some breeders and other animal welfare organisations. Click here to see a list of New Zealand vets and SPCA's to find the one nearest you.

What do I do if I have lost my pet or found a pet?

There are a number of steps you can take when you have lost your pet. Please click here for some helpful steps. You can also create your own lost pet posters. If your animal is found and taken to a vet, SPCA or pound it will be scanned and the microchip number can be entered on our database to retrieve any details recorded.

Can I microchip my own animal and enter it into the database?

The Companion Animal Register only accepts registrations from approved animal entry officers. These are normally Vet Clinics and SPCA's. Some breeders are also approved officers, but it is not anticipated individual owners will be. Any individual would need to take their animal to an approved officer so the microchip number can be verified and the approved form completed.

Can I register other types of animals in the Companion Animal Register?

The register will accept registration of a variety of animals into the database. This may include Birds, Reptiles, Cows, Deer, Emu, Goats, Horses, Llamas, Alpacas, Ostrich's, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Sheep as well as Cats and Dogs.

My pet has passed away, who should I tell?

The passing of your loved pet is a difficult time and your first thoughts should always be supporting the family. In the first instance your vet clinic, or usually any vet clinic if you have moved, can help with looking after your pet until you are ready to make any decisions. Many clinics can also assist with advice on next steps too. If registered on the NZCAR, you are able to notify us by email or phone and we will update your pets records to ensure you receive no more emails regarding updating contact details. If the passed pet is a dog and registered, then we would also recommend advising your local Council too.

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