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Disclaimer of liability

  • CANZ’s liability in providing the NZCAR and the Services is limited, and customers are advised to read the disclaimer of liability statement on the Website.
  • The NZCAR and the Services are information services only and CANZ makes no claim to any other function other than the storage and provision of the details supplied by you at the time of registration or listing.
  • The Guardian shall be the party responsible for ensuring that information stored in the NZCAR is current and accurate. It is the Guardian’s responsibility to notify CANZ of changes to these details.
  • The Guardian shall acknowledge and agree that registration with the NZCAR is not a guarantee that the animal will be returned, nor does it guarantee or make any warranty on the condition of the animal at the time of recovery.
  • The Guardian as listed on the NZCAR for an animal is responsible for maintaining up to date contact details on the NZCAR. The Guardian needs to give permission for details to be changed, however, if CANZ cannot contact the Guardian after a reasonable amount of time and effort, CANZ staff may change the records at the request of someone who claims responsibility for the animal. This is in line with the primary purpose of the NZCAR, which is to get lost animals back to the people who care for them. You acknowledge that the NZCAR is not an official legal ownership register and accordingly, being the Guardian on the NZCAR is not proof of ownership of an animal. CANZ is not responsible for determining who the legal owner of an animal is.
  • It is possible to list two individuals on the NZCAR to share the role of Guardian by entering two names in the Guardian field. However, both individuals will need access to the associated email account.
  • In the event of the death of the Guardian, and if there is a secondary contact listed, the secondary contact will become the Guardian and CANZ will update the NZCAR records accordingly. If there is no secondary contact listed, then CANZ staff may change the records at the request of someone who claims responsibility for the animal.
  • CANZ disclaims any responsibility for the costs incurred in the recovery or return of an animal and the Guardian registered on the NZCAR for that animal shall assume total responsibility for arranging for the return of the lost animal and any costs incurred by CANZ or any other person. The Guardian agrees to indemnify CANZ and hold us, our officers and employees harmless from any costs (including legal costs), or losses incurred by us in the recovery or return of an animal.
  • CANZ, as the owner of the NZCAR, expressly disclaims any liability for inaccurate or negligent use of the information stored in the NZCAR by any third party, including but not limited to, any authorised party to whom approval to retrieve owner details has been supplied.
  • All attempts are made to keep information supplied on the NZCAR secure and we advise reading our privacy policy available on the Website in this regard.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure that CANZ and no other person owns all intellectual property in all content on the Website. Any concerns over the use of content, images, code or any other aspect of the site may be raised with CANZ during normal office hours.
  • Any links to third party website are provided for convenience only, and the inclusion of any link does not imply any endorsement or verification by the CANZ. CANZ does not monitor the content of any other website and is not liable or responsible in relation to any content on them.
  • Any dealings with any advertiser or supporter appearing on the NZCAR are solely between the customer and the advertiser or other third party. To the maximum extent permitted by law, CANZ is not responsible or liable for any part of any such dealings or promotions.
  • The Customer confirms that the information and data provided to us on registering as a registered user was current, complete and accurate at the time it was provided, and the customer agrees to maintain and update the information and data as required to ensure it is kept up to date and is accurate and CANZ has no such responsibility.
  • Reliance upon password: You agree to keep your Login details safe and you release us from and renounce any claim in respect of or arising from any reasonable reliance by us upon any use of your Login details, including us disclosing information relating to your registration and/or affairs with us to anyone who accesses the NZCAR with your Login details. You agree to indemnify and hold us, our officers and employees harmless from any claims, actions, costs (including legal costs), or losses incurred by us or any third party due to or arising out of reasonable reliance by us or any third party upon any acts carried out, requests made or information provided through the use of your Login details.
  • CANZ shall protect the stored information with regard to all applicable laws of New Zealand, however it expressly disclaims any misuse of this information by third parties, either authorised users, employees or non-authorised users, if it has been obtained either by illegal means or for illegal purposes.