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Purchase Microchips, Scanners and order Brochures


The New Zealand Companion Animal Register is well-known for providing an essential 24-hour pet recovery service. We are dedicated to reuniting companion animals with their guardians as quickly and easily as possible.

We provide a full-service:

  • Microchip registration (life-time)
  • Lifetime pet admin and advice
  • Microchip sales
  • Scanner sales

We are committed to distributing quality products to ensure successful outcomes.


We are pleased to announce that as of June 2022, SVS Veterinary Supplies will be distributing the Global Ident microchips and NZCAR scanners previously available through the NZCAR support office. Placing an order, via SVS or PPD Pet Supplies, for NZCAR products is placing an order with the Companion Animals NZ (Charity reg: CC27849). As a charitable organisation, every item you order is an investment in better outcomes for companion animals.

We want to make the change to ordering easy – If you already have an account with PPD or SVS, you can begin ordering straight away. If your team accidentally order through us, we’ll forward the order through to the PPD/SVS team.

For vets: you can start ordering directly via your SVS portal. Alternatively, email order[email protected] or phone 0800 808 387 to place an order or set up an account.

For others: Email [email protected] or phone 0508 773 583 to place an order or set up an account.

Bluetooth Scanners

NZCAR branded Bluetooth scanners - When scanning, the microchip number automatically populates in the field you are editing on your Bluetooth connected device. This could be into the NZCAR website, your Vet Software (Vision, Ezyvet, etc) or other field.

  • Simply connect the scanner to your Bluetooth enabled device (computer, phone, iPad etc)
  • Eliminate data entry and human errors by utilising this no-type method


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Halo Scanners

NZCAR branded Halo scanners - Alerts the scanning operator and sends notifications to your clinic if you scan a pet who is marked as 'lost' on the NZCAR (and your clinic has Scanner Angel software installed). 

You must download the free software to see the benefits:

  • When a lost animal is found and scanned with the registered Halo Scanner, the Scanner automatically notifies the operator that the animal has been reported as lost.
  • Whenever the registered Halo Scanner is plugged in to charge to a Scanner Angel-enabled PC, a list of lost animals’ microchip numbers are downloaded to the Scanner.

Download the Scanner Angel Software here


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Global-ident Connect XS1.4 Minichip

We've sourced leading microchip technology so you can offer your clients peace of mind, because we know that the result of a quality microchip is animals being safely reunited.

The Global-ident Connect XS1.4

  • Super small 1.4mm x 8.0 mm microchip encapsulated in asoda lime-silicate glass (BIO8265) compatible for implant devices which allows for a smaller gauge and sharper needle (33% smaller than standard 2.1mm x 12.5mm microchips)
  • Excellent long-term microchip reliability
  • RFID FDX-B (Full Duplex) passive transponder operating frequency at 134.20 kHz - ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 compliant
  • A single-use injector in a blister pack with 8 barcodes
  • Ergonomic injector
  • A sharp lubricated Luer-Lock needle (12 gauge)
  • Packaging perfectly adapted for terminally sterilised medical devices, and compliant with the ISO 11607-1 standard
  • A sterilisation process using Ethylene oxide, widely recognised at the European level for sterilising Human & Veterinary medical devices, compliant with the ISO 11135-1 standard

$50.00+GST for a box of 10

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NZCAR Brochures

NZCAR brochures (free) - detailing the service that we provide and how beneficial this is to pets.

Great for vet clinics to have in their consult rooms or waiting area. And for any organisation to give to guardians with recently microchipped or registered pets if they would like a bit more information about us!

These are absolutely FREE for all agents of the NZCAR, and come in bands of 50.

Email orders to [email protected]

Phone orders on 0508 LOST PET (567 873)