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We are excited to announce the service has merged into the NZ Companion Animal Register website! Read on to see how these changes will affect you, and follow #LostPetNZ online to preview the new features of the combined site.


We have combined these two services to maximise the chances of getting your lost pet home. We are passionate about getting lost pets back to their worried families. We understand that when a family member goes missing, it is a stressful time deciding what to do first.


This change combines two of New Zealand's most powerful lost & found services for those who already have NZCAR registered animals. And still allows those with un-microchipped or non-NZCAR registered animals to create LostPet listings (visible to the public) for free.

Full Service

These two complimentary services together provide a one-stop-shop for worried guardians ('owners') to:

  • Check your pets microchip is registered on the NZCAR
  • Ensure your contact details are up to date
  • Mark your pet as lost and create a LostPet listing (LostPet listings can be created for both microchipped and un-microchipped animals)
  • Share your listing to Social Media
  • Create and distribute lost pet flyers to your neighbourhood

LostPet vs lost pet

You may see 'LostPet' written in some places, and 'lost pet' in others - this is intentional! LostPet is our brand that refers to the new service. For example, people list a lost pet (or a found pet) on LostPet.


First place to look

All animals found and taken to the SPCA are automatically listed on LostPet so it should be the first place to check for your missing pet.

New Zealand's 200+ other shelters, local councils and vet clinics can use the LostPet Service also. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) recommend people use the service during natural disasters. 

If your pet goes missing, make LostPet the FIRST place you look, list and share.


Click here to view LostPet listings

About LostPet

LostPet ( is a free service where you can create listings for both lost and found companion animals.

Listings are visible to members of the public and can be created for both microchipped and un-microchipped animals.

FREE services include:
  • Listings are searchable via map view or list view
  • Report a lost pet
  • All 'found' animals taken into SPCA are automatically listed
  • Report a found pet (without logging in)
  • Lost pet flyer
  • Share listings direct to Facebook
  • Access to lost and found pet advice
  • Listing fields prepopulate if you report a NZCAR registered animal as lost.

Visit LostPet here., formerly known as Pets on The Net, was established in 2002 and became a Companion Animals NZ service in 2017.


Only your contact phone number will be visible to others (following secure CAPTCHA request), along with any information you choose to include in your listing text. You are able to 'preview' your listing prior to publishing so that you can ensure information is showing correctly and as you expect.

Our map functionality shows the street that an animal is missing from, but not a street number.

You can view our Privacy Policy here.


Review our Lost Pet Advice page.

It is important to note that LostPet listings can be created for all companion animals - cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, birds and more, microchipped or un-microchipped.

While your pet does need to be microchipped to be registered on the NZCAR (which we strongly recommend as the fastest and best method of getting lost pets home) LostPet does not require a microchip for listings. 

If you would like to learn more about microchipping (for once your wee one is home safe!), you can find information here.

Actions on LostPet

Create or log into your account. Once you have completed your details, click 'Report lost pet'.

If your pet is microchipped, we would recommend registering your pets microchip BEFORE reporting as lost, as this will save you entering details twice.

If your pet is already registered on the NZCAR, click onto their name/photo. This will automatically populate your lost pet listing with their existing NZCAR registration details. 

Creating a found pet listing is easy! You do not need to log in OR create an account to do this.

Simply head to LostPet, then click 'Report found pet'. Found pet listings are not able to be edited from your account (if you have one) in the same way as lost pet listings. If you need to make any changes to your 'found pet listing' or to remove it, please contact our friendly support team.

Log into your account where you will automatically arrive on your 'My lost pet' tab. Click 'Share'. You will be presented with some optional text which you are able to copy, then paste to your post.


You will be presented with some optional text which you are able to copy, then paste to your post. Click 'Share on Facebook' to open Facebook.



It is important to create your listing then share this to Facebook because once your pet has come home and you remove your lost pet listing, there is no need to hunt around Facebook, adding notes to your shared posts, as if someone were to click the listing link in your post, it would not be active - showing that your listing has been removed.

*Note if you have a business Facebook account, please view the section on Sharing for Agents.


Log into your account where you will automatically arrive on your 'My lost pet' tab. Click 'Print flyer'. You can preview the flyer prior to printing

*For optimal use, ensure you have added a photo before using this feature.

Flyer example below:

You will receive emails advising that your lost pet listing is due to expire, 7 days and 48 hours prior to expiry. If your listing does expire, contact our friendly support team as your listing will still exist (unpublished) for a period of time. 


We are so pleased that your pet has come home!

Log into your account where you will automatically arrive on your 'My lost pet' tab. Click 'Report found'. You will be asked how your pet was reunited with you and have the option of adding further detail.


If your pet is registered on the NZCAR, you can also report your pet as found from your 'my registered pets' tab on your account. You only need to report found in one place, this will update both their NZCAR registration and expire their LostPet listing.


When you report your animal as found, you will be asked how your animal has returned to you. This new feature will allow us to learn more about how animals are making their way home and help us to improve our service to get more pets home faster!