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Ownership issues or disputes

We recommend that every animal that is new to a clinic is scanned, to ensure the microchip is working correctly, and your team check that details are up to date on the NZCAR

Sometimes, an animal will show marked as lost or will display a different guardian. The majority of the time, this is probably due to a guardian not updating the record after the animal was found or rehomed. 

If you have reason to suspect that the animal has been stolen, or that the person has found the animal and not attempted to locate the previous owner; and you feel comfortable doing so, request that the animal is left with you while the registered guardian is contacted and a transfer of ownership confirmed.

In either case, please take the clients details, and along with the animals microchip number and any documentation of adoption produced, email us so that we can contact the current guardian and confirm the situation. We can then update records or (if necessary) contact authorities as appropriate.

Please ensure that you do not update the NZCAR guardian record as the email address can not be changed, and therefore correct transfer of guardianship will not be completed.

Remember, in accordance with privacy laws: You must not disclose the contact details of the registered guardian or their alternate contact to another person.