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New agent information

The NZCAR was created to provide a national database of microchipped companion animals (pets), that can be accessed by approved agents (such as vet clinics, SPCA's and rescue organisations), so that pets can quickly be returned home.

Are you an organisation or individual that would like to become an approved agent? See the information below to find out more.

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NZCAR Enquirer

Are you a rescue who wishes to reunite lost pets with their guardians? Find out more
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NZCAR Enquirer Plus

Are you a breeder or rescue who have litters/animals microchipped by your vet? Find out more
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NZCAR Implanter

Are you qualified or want to become certified to implant microchips? Find out more
  • Enquirer 

Enquirer accounts are great for persons who find animals or have lost animals brought to their organisation. Enquirers can immediately contact the guardian and reunite them with their pet

  • EnquirerPlus

EnquirerPlus accounts are great for person who want to register surrendered animals to themselves (such as animal rescues); and persons who want to register whole litters at a time and receive a monthly invoice (such as breeders)

  • Implanter

Implanter accounts are great for persons that have qualified or certified as an implanter - such as SPCA, Councils, Vets and other animal organisations.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us.